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Next-generation Acura NSX

The teasing and the waiting is finally over…we’ll soon see the next-generation Acura NSX in production form. That’s after Acura confirmed it will make its official debut at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show next month.

For years, Acura has shown several prototypes at various auto shows and other venues, but above is the first teaser showing the production model. It looks very close to what we’ve seen on the auto show circuit and camouflaged on the Nürburgring. It also features Acura’s latest design language complete with Jewel Eye LED headlights. [click to continue…]

2015 Volvo XC90

Volvo’s XC90, which made its North American debut recently at the LA Auto Show, is a pivotal model within the Swedish automaker’s lineup. The XC90 not only serves as the luxury brand’s flagship model, but it also has the potential to be a lucrative vehicle in a segment brimming with intense demand and tough competition.

While the latest generation certainly has the DNA of the outgoing model, Volvo has made significant improvements to make it compete with the very best luxury SUVs on the road. Improvements include the addition of an all-new chassis, a host of new safety and technology features, and all-new powertrains. It’s the latter improvement that Volvo is really touting in their marketing, as they’re claiming that the all-new XC90 T8 Hybrid is now the world’s most powerful and cleanest SUV. [click to continue…]

2015 Hyundai Genesis

Each year, the editors of select the best car of the year based on a wide range of criteria. This year, the online publication’s most coveted honor goes to the 2015 Hyundai Genesis, specifically for its exceptional value, drive quality and design.

Now in its second generation, the Hyundai Genesis maintains its status as a luxury segment disruptor. It has the looks, materials, driving dynamics, and technology, to put it on par with some of the best luxury sedans from from Europe and Asia. The editors of felt that this unique ability was compete with the best premium cars out there at a reasonable price was deserving of high praise. [click to continue…]

2016 Audi Q7 Losses Weight, Gains Diesel PHEV E-Tron

by Import RPM on December 12, 2014

2016 Audi Q7

The Audi Q7 is one of the German automaker’s most popular models in the U.S. So, it comes as no surprise that new generation needed to offer something special, especially in the wake of fresh and competitive offerings. Luckily, details of the new model were just released ahead of its official debut at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show, and it seems to be special indeed. In addition to a comprehensively updated interior and exterior, it boasts new technology and powertrain upgrades that are sure to help it retain its popularity in the States.

Like other recently redesigned SUVs and crossovers, the new Audi Q7 has dropped weight, over 700 pounds to be exact, to bring overall curb weight to less than 4,400 pounds. While Audi utilized ultra-high-strength, hot-shaped steel for some components, many parts — including the doors, front fenders, engine hood, and rear hatch — are made entirely of aluminum. This move helped the crossover shed weight while maintaining stellar safety and driving dynamics. [click to continue…]

Mercedes Takes on BMW’s X6 with All-New GLE Coupe

by Import RPM on December 10, 2014

Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe

It’s been a few years since the launch of the BMW X6, and the Bavarian automaker still seems to be the only brand capable of getting the sport utility coupe concept just right. And it hasn’t been from a lack of effort by other automakers–remember the Acura ZDX?

Now with the addition of the X4, BMW seems to own this niche of the luxury market—until now. Mercedes has BMW’s X4 and X6 squarely in its sights with the launch of its all-new GLE Coupe. [click to continue…]

Aston Martin DB10 007

In the most recent James Bond movies starring Daniel Craig, we’ve seen the famous British spy return to his roots, getting behind the wheel of an Aston Martin. In the latest, newly announced installment of the 007 franchise, Bond will once again use an Aston Martin to battle villains, make the ladies swoon, and spark envy among moviegoers.

The newest movie is called Spectre, hinting at the return of the organization headed up by Bond’s archenemies, Ernst Stavros Blofeld. To help 007, Aston Martin designed an all-new car specifically for the film. Called the DB10, it has hints of the current V8 Vantage, but is largely divergent from the Astons we’ve seen in the past few years. The car is the result of Aston’s chief designer Marek Reichman collaborating closely with EON Productions–the studio behind the Bond films. [click to continue…]

Mercedes AMG

With 2014 coming to a close, we wonder just what lies in store for the performance car enthusiast in 2015. After all, with a stellar year that saw the arrival of the holy hybrid-supercar trinity consisting of the Ferrari LaFerrari, McLaren P1, and the Porsche 918, and not forgetting the 273 mph 1341 hp Koenigsegg One:1, 2015 looks quite dull by comparison. Not quite, as it turns out 2015 might be just as exciting a year for performance car enthusiasts. [click to continue…]

BMW to Bring Plug-in Hybrid Option to Every Model

by Import RPM on December 3, 2014

BMW i3 Coupe image

Like other automakers, BMW is looking to maximize the efficiency of its lineup, without taking away the driving dynamics so beloved by its customers. Some automakers continue to experiment with alternative fuels like hydrogen, but most continue to produce more hybrids and EVs.

For BMW, its new i3 and i8 are the beginning of a new line of electrified vehicles that promise to provide low or zero emissions, while retaining all the characteristics synonymous with the “Ultimate Driving Machine.” [click to continue…]

Audi A7 Sportback H-Tron Quattro

Hydrogen hasn’t yet caught on as a mainstream gasoline alternative, but many automakers continue to see the potential that this fuel source has to offer. Among the latest automakers to experiment with a functioning hydrogen-powered concept is Audi, who recently brought its A7 Sportback H-Tron Quattro to the LA Auto Show.

Naturally, the “H” in H-Tron stands for hydrogen and the vehicle combines a plug-in battery system with a hydrogen fuel cell. An 8.8-kWh lithium-ion battery located in the truck can provide all the power the A7 needs for up to 31 miles in pure EV mode. The car is propelled by two electric motors located on each axle, providing the all-wheel drive traction of a Quattro-equipped vehicle. [click to continue…]

BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe

BMW’s product portfolio has been changing rapidly. Not only have naming conventions been updated, with even-numbered series being added into the lineup, but BMW is also blending products together to make entirely new models that defy convention. While arguably redundant at first glance, some of these newer models are oh so perfect in their contradictions.

A perfect example of some of these changes is the addition of the 2015 4 Series Gran Coupe. It’s a sedan, a coupe, and a hatchback, all rolled into one. While BMW has long held the standard in compact luxury sedans, the unique mix of these styles didn’t just mess with a good thing, it may have produced the perfect sport sedan. [click to continue…]

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