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2014 Acura TLX production

Acura’s latest sports sedan is rolling off the assembly line this week. The automaker says that the all-new 2015 TLX is slated to arrive in showrooms next month. As with 90-percent of Acura’s lineup, the TLX is made in America.

Designed, developed and engineered by R&D teams in Ohio and Los Angeles, and manufactured exclusively in Ohio, the TLX is one of Acura’s biggest product launches in recent years. It is effectively replacing the midsize TL and the compact TSX. Combining  sports-sedan athleticism with premium luxury-sedan refinement, the TLX is squarely aimed at competing with the likes of the Infiniti G sedan and Lexus IS. [click to continue…]

Acura Pikes Peak NSX

The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb is not only one of the oldest automotive races in the U.S., but it’s also one of the most unique. Entrants must race up a challenging circuit to the summit of Pikes Peak in Colorado. The 12.42 mile course includes 156 turns up to the 14,115-foot summit.

Among the racers and all-terrain vehicles from around the globe competing in the race are a few entries from Honda, who’s intent on getting to the top of the mountain at a faster pace than everyone else. But the automaker took an event larger role at this year’s event by also making it safer. [click to continue…]

NISSAN CONCEPT 2020 Vision Gran Turismo

Nissan has revealed an all-new concept that could give clues into the GT-R supercar’s future. But instead of relying solely on the brilliant designers inside Nissan, the automaker teamed up with Polyphony Digital – the makers of the “Gran Turismo” racing series – to create the ultimate supercar concept.

Dubbed the Nissan Concept 2020 Vision Gran Turismo, the futuristic vehicle was the brainchild by designers at Nissan’s London design studio, in conjunction was an advanced engineering team based at Nissan’s Technical Centre in Atsugi, Japan. Polyphony Digital also had a hand in influencing the concept’s bold design. [click to continue…]

Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell

Fuel cell vehicles boost this week with the arrival of the Hyundai’s all-new Tucson Fuel Cell crossover. The first to take delivery of this vehicle, which Hyundai calls the “world’s only mass-produced fuel cell vehicle”, is the Bush family of Southern California.

On Tuesday the vehicle was officially delivered with Dave Zuchowski, president and chief executive officer of Hyundai Motor America, on hand to officiate the event. Hyundai is touting the Tucson Fuel Cell because it is built on the same assembly like as other gasoline-powered Tucson models. [click to continue…]

2015 Lexus NX

Although German brands BMW and Mercedes-Benz have been dominating luxury vehicle sales in the U.S. for quite some time, Lexus has battled back to make it a three-way race in recent months. In fact, sales figures for last month showed that Lexus outsold Mercedes-Benz for the second time in 2014. Overall year-to-date sales brings Lexus just 12,000 units shy of the luxury leader, BMW.

In the month of May, Lexus sold 26,921 vehicles, marking a 21.1 percent increase over the same period last year. Mercedes sold just 26,617, which represents a mere 4.13 percent increase. Looking at retail sales specifically, excluding vehicle purchases by businesses, Lexus was the top-selling U.S. luxury brand in the first quarter of 2014, selling 65,475 cars and SUVs. Mercedes sold 63,483 vehicles and BMW sold 63,353 vehicles, according to research firm IHS Automotive.

[click to continue…]

Second-Generation BMW X6 Comes into Focus

by Import RPM on June 6, 2014

2015 BMW X6

The sports-coupe-crossover concept is a well-established niche by now, but it isn’t always successful. We’ve seen many of these unique vehicles emerge in recent years and completely disappear soon after—the now discontinued Acura ZDX for example.

Yet many automakers are standing by these quirky vehicles, including the brand that started it all—BMW. The Bavarian automaker has finally released details on the all-new X6, carrying over its familiar shape but providing improved performance and more options for buyers. [click to continue…]

Hyundai Sonata Hybrid

According to a new study, all automakers are becoming greener and cleaner, but only one reigns supreme. Pushing Honda from the top spot in the Union of Concerned Scientists‘ (UCS) latest Automaker Rankings report is Hyundai-Kia.

While only one automaker can be dubbed the absolute cleanest, it seems that all automakers are making improvements. On average, cars today are 43 percent cleaner than they were in 1998.  However, perhaps the biggest improvements have been made by Korean automakers Hyundai and Kia. [click to continue…]

Toyota Prius

Toyota has long been the king of hybrids. Thanks to its popular Prius family and its ever-expanding portfolio of hybrid models, Toyota is by far the world’s biggest maker of gasoline-electric vehicles. But the automaker is looking to solidify its dominance by developing a new semiconductor that will make its hybrids even more efficient.

According to Toyota, its new semiconductor can boost fuel efficiency in hybrid cars such as the Prius by up to 10 percent. Among its test vehicles, this new technology has already resulted in a 5 percent improvement in fuel efficiency and is on track to be in production vehicles by 2020. [click to continue…]

Continental Tread-Depth Monitor

A vehicle’s tires are among of its most important safety features. Yet all too often drivers ignore their tires and let them wear unevenly or expect them to last forever. To help drivers avoid driving on completely bald, dangerous tires, Continental Tires has devised a clever solution.

The tire manufacturer has created a pressure monitoring system that includes software that monitors each tire’s rolling characteristics as it wears. The system automatically compares data on how the tire should wear with data from how the tire is actually wearing in real-time. When the data deviates, the system alerts the driver and prompts them to check the tread depth. [click to continue…]

2015 Nissan 370Z Nismo

Nissan has heavily revised its range-topping, track-ready Z. Revealed at this year’s ZDAYZ event in North Carolina, Nissan treated enthusiasts to a close-up look at the new 2015 370Z Nismo. While not an all-new model, there are a number of big changes that spice up this adrenalin-producing model even more.

“Nismo is the heart and soul of Nissan performance, both for the track and on the street, so it’s fitting that we are showing the dramatic new 2015 370Z Nismo for the first time at a gathering of our most loyal and enthusiast owners,” said Nissan Chief Planning Officer and Executive Vice President Andy Palmer. “The new 370Z Nismo joins the recently introduced Nissan GT-R Nismo and Nissan JUKE Nismo RS, giving performance fans a range of fresh, factory tuned Nismo models to enjoy.” [click to continue…]

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